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About Cupido

Taken from the Latin word for desire, Cupido stays true to its name. Jeff Karadjian, Cupido’s co-founder, swears by featuring products that he is passionate about and that customers long for. As a leader in the jewelry industry, Cupido prides itself on being the first to carry a product. “We are at the beginning of the trends overseas, so that we are the trendsetters in the Canadian marketplace,” says Karadjian.

“We wanted to create a concept that focused on a gap in the market – a retail environment that’s fresh, new and that specifically satisfies branded fashion luxury products,” Derian says. 

Karadjian’s business savvy is a perfect complement to Derian’s industry expertise, which led the pair to create a second location in the trendy Bayview Village Mall. “Jeff is a very creative guy; he’s always on the cutting-edge and loves doing things that aren’t mainstream. We’ve always had a similar vision of doing something that wasn’t the norm,” says Derian, who is proud of how quickly their vision has materialized. “We each bring something different to the table. It’s a perfect business partnership,” adds Karadjian. Despite the initial challenges of relaying Cupido’s unconventional concept to a traditional industry, Derian and Karadjian make it a priority to attend global trade shows and discover new trends before they make it to the marketplace. The pair has lustrous plans to expand the business by opening new locations over the next five years. “I love the fact that every day is different. It keeps things interesting,” says Karadjian.

An inspiring range of mainstream brands is what best characterizes Cupido’s conquest in a competitive industry. “It’s an evolution. At the end of every day we’re one step closer to our ultimate goal of creating the lead role in this segment which we call fashion luxury,” says Derian.

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